Psymbionic – A/S/L

New tune time!! This one is called “A/S/L”, a nostalgic throwback to the days of dial up internet and late night chat rooms. I figured the sounds of the time fit the current age of bass music pretty well, and that’s how the track came about. Also, the artwork has a ton of little easter eggs hidden in it for those who are familiar with my music ;) GET THE FREE DOWNLOAD HERE … [Read more...]

Psymbionic – Blast [Lowtemp Music]

Yesss! Beyond thrilled today to share my new tune Blast, which is dropping via Gramatik's label Lowtemp Music. It's a tricked out little jam with super swung hip hop rhythm mixed with juicy sound design and some gnarly bass. Enjoy the free download via YourEDM! Lowtemporary Vol. 2 drops in full on May 27th on all digital retailers. GET THE FREE DOWNLOAD HERE … [Read more...]

Psymbionic – Vision LP

My new full length album, "Vision" is out now on Gravitas Music! I've been working really hard on it for over a year and so glad it's finally finished and ready to release to the world :) It's 8 tracks featuring collabs with Space Jesus, Cloudchord, Cristina Soto and more. Snag it! GET THE FREE DOWNLOAD HERE … [Read more...]

Psymbionic & Of The Trees – 2 Wicked

Here's a fresh new tune I made with my homie Of The Trees - bit of a bipolar one haha. It starts off melodic and psychedelic, but switches up pretty dramatically a few times throughout the song. I had a lot of fun working on the sound design on this one specifically, trying to create a intricate yet banging track. Stay tuned for a new EP I have cookin as well! GET THE FREE DOWNLOAD HERE … [Read more...]

Psymbionic – Low Tide [Thump Premiere]

Here's my newest original tune - a bit of an aquatic adventure into some new territory for me. I spent a lot of time focusing on melody and sound design on "Low Tide", and I'm happy to present it now as a free download. When writing new music, especially after finishing an album, I try to let go of my old patterns and explore new ideas and themes that inspire me -- hopefully that shines through on … [Read more...]