Psymbionic – Wanderlust Mixtape

Since so many people have been asking me for recorded sets lately, I figured it was about time I made a new mixtape! “Wanderlust” is chocked full of tunes from myself (including some unreleased business) as well as artists we’ve released on the label that I run, Gravitas Recordings. The vibe starts funky and gets hype before taking a turn for the chill side of the spectrum, but everything comes full circle by the end. There’s around 40 tunes in 60 minutes, and available as a free download! Enjoy.

Mr. Bill & Haywyre – Dress Codes
K+Lab – Lord Steezington
Staunch – My Name Is
Love & Light – The Holodeck (Psymbionic Remix)
Stereoglyph – Particles [Gravitas Recordings]
Tipper – Bubble Control VIP
Minoru – Bad Habit
Steve Miller Band – Fly Like An Eagle (Psymbionic Remix)
Torqux – Hit Me
Au5 & Fractal – Subvert
Joe Ford – Bring The Bass
Ahab – Occult [Gravitas Recordings]
AMB – Loca
GRUFF – Trumpet Tune
Minnesota – Stardust Redux (Psymbionic Remix) [Gravitas Recordings]
Minnesota – Stardust Redux (Crywolf Remix) [Gravitas Recordings]
Pretty Lights – Around The Block (Datsik Remix)
Reso – When It Drop
Fractal – Avare
Two Fingers – Vengeance Rhythm (KOAN Sound Remix)
Minnesota & G Jones – Blast Off
Psymbionic & Wick It – Misunderstood [Unreleased]
Pomrad – Pomslap
Psymbionic – How Am I Not Myself [Unreleased]
Hypha ft. Haiku Funkplus – Lights
Of The Trees – Fever Trip [Gravitas Recordings]
heRobust & Two Fresh – Touch
Psymbionic – Coagulate (Love & Light Remix)
Psymbionic – Chemical Plant Zone
Pharo – Eye of the Storm [Gravitas Recordings]
Joe Ford – Majesty
Beyond Ominous – Molly’s Song
Psymbionic – Slither [Unreleased]
Joker – Old Era
Millions Like Us – Behind You VIP
Cid Rim – Draw (Dorian Concept Remix)