The Fozzie Bear Crunkadelic Mixtape

February 9, 2010
By Psymbionic

Just finished up a new mix, somewhat comically titled “The Fozzie Bear Crunkadelic Mixtape”. Not really worth explaining, but it basically has to do with a big joke surrounding the Wakarusa festival. Annnnnyway, I figured I’d drop it on all you guys too for your head! It’s 37 minutes, jam packed with tripstep, psyphy and glitchadelic tunes for your dancing enjoyment. Hope you enjoy!
Psymbionic – The Fozzie Bear Crunkadelic Mixtape by Psymbionic

Reso – Hemisphere
Eskmo – Sister, You Have Got To Listen
PantyRaid – Enter The Machine
Mimosa – Dead Like Me
Siren – What a Life
Sub Swara – Hi Fidelity (ill.gates Remix) vs. Kraddy – Forget About Dre Instrumental
Klone – A Lot Kooler
FreddyTodd – Can’t Fathom This (NastyNasty Remix)
Product 1 – Ready2Rage (Bassnectar and Jantsen Remix)
Mochipet – Godzilla New Year (Vibesquad Remix)
The Widdler – Slow Dance Chubby vs. Seventh Swami – Escape Artists
Opiuo – Nun Cha Ka
Heyoka – Borscht
Bassnectar – Boombox (Bassnectar Remix) vs. Eprom – 64 Bytes (Eprom Remix)
Bird of Prey and Chillax’n – Pipe Dream


Psymbionic – Bionic Chronic

First single from my new album! A little swervy neuro ish. Full LP drops Feb 5th.

2019 Tour Phase 1

Super ready to get out on the road for my upcoming 2019 tour dates in support of my album Carbon Based Lifeform. Bringing the very talented Thelem and Frequent along with!