Hypersonic Radio Mixtape


Really excited today to release my first ALL ORIGINAL mixtape! It’s got a bunch of unreleased and forthcoming tunes from my Illusions EP, due out December 13th on Made in Glitch. The mix goes all over the place.. it really hits a wide portion of the spectrum of bass music that I like to make. Hope everyone digs.. you can get it as a free download below!

If you don’t have Facebook, you can get it on my BandCamp page.
Psymbionic – Hypersonic Radio Mixtape [FREE DL] by Psymbionic

Psymbionic – Amalgamaelstrom [Forthcoming on MADE IN GLITCH]
Psymbionic – Illusions ft Joe Mousepad [Forthcoming on MADE IN GLITCH]
Psymbionic – Space Monkey vs. Chromeo – Night by Night [Forthcoming on MADE IN GLITCH]
Psymbionic and ONE4ALL – Oscillating Orbs [Forthcoming on MADE IN GLITCH]
Sub Swara – Nectar (Psymbionic Remix)
Psymbionic and Pharo – Scooby Don’t [Forthcoming on MADE IN GLITCH]
Zebbler Encanti Experience – The Final Sign (Psymbionic Remix) [VERMIN ST]
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away (Psymbionic Remix)
Daft Punk – Something About Us (Psymbionic Remix)