Voluted Voyage 3000 Mixtape


In appreciation of crossing 3k fans on my Facebook fan page, I'm happy to give away a brand new mixtape entitled "Voluted Voyage 3000"! It's 43 tracks spanning my taste spectrum of bass music mixed into a 65 minute journey including dubstep, grime, purple/wonky, glitch hop, and drum'n bass. A number of never before heard original Psymbionic tracks are inside as well as fresh cuts from Antiserum, … [Read more...]

Bwomp Beats Mixtape 002: Psymbionic

Here's my recent exclusive mixtape done for Bwomp Beats. It's 1/3 purple crunk lovestep, 1/3 glitch-hop, and 1/3 dubstep, hopefully delivering to everyone a taste of something they love. I hope you guys enjoy! Lots of unreleased and new stuff in there from me and others. You can download it exclusively from: Bwomp Beats. Look out for upcoming remixes featured on this mix from me for┬áBen … [Read more...]

Psymbionic – Live at Wakarusa 2010

This is the recording from my set at Wakarusa 2010. It's starts out with some trippy dubstep, morphs into some turbo whomp, then slides into glitch-hop before dropping back down to bangin' dubstep again. Hope you guys enjoy! Alternate download: http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/68619180/file.html Tracklist: Siren - Summertime in Oakland The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (4Centers … [Read more...]

The Fozzie Bear Crunkadelic Mixtape

Just finished up a new mix, somewhat comically titled "The Fozzie Bear Crunkadelic Mixtape". Not really worth explaining, but it basically has to do with a big joke surrounding the Wakarusa festival. Annnnnyway, I figured I'd drop it on all you guys too for your head! It's 37 minutes, jam packed with tripstep, psyphy and glitchadelic tunes for your dancing enjoyment. Hope you enjoy! Psymbionic - … [Read more...]

The ‘Wicked Glitch of the (Mid)West’ Mix

New mix up! This mix will be featured as a bwompbeats.com mixtape. Contained in this are a few of my original productions, as well as a remix I did of a Pink Floyd tune. Love to hear what you guys have to say about it! Psymbionic - 'Wicked Glitch of the (Mid)West' Mix by Psymbionic Tracklist: Psymbionic - Subjective Fact Mr. Projectile - Love Here (Bassnectar Remix) Vibesquad - Clown … [Read more...]